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ELAA Rustic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The word “olive” derives from Latin “oliva”, which in turn comes from the Greek “elaia” or “elaa” (in the Attica dialect). Traveling back in time, “ELAA” rustic extra virgin olive oil comes from the purest organic source and is created using the most natural extraction methods.

ELAA rustic extra virgin olive oil is a limited production, 100% organic product of the highest possible quality. It comes from the finest 100% organic hand-picked Kalamata olives of the Koroneiki variety, grown on the mountainous hills of Messinia. The olives are cold-pressed only once, within hours of manual harvesting. Due to the use of ancient techniques, ELAA has achieved the lowest possible acidity level and the highest possible concentration in antioxidant polyphenols. This is the true rustic extra virgin olive oil: 100% organic with 0.18% acidity and 245 mg/kg antioxidant polyphenols (a world first for such a high concentration recorded). As for aroma and taste, ELAA exhibits a rich fruity aroma with a light, fresh, fruity flavor harmoniously tinged with a hint of spice.

Facts about ELAA Rustic Extra Virgin Olive Oil